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Lightweight hiking shoes are best for three-season hikes on established trails with a total pack weight of 35 pounds or 510 hikers less. If your pack weighs more than that, please don’t go out and buy a можно ли смешивать жидкости для электронных сигарет pair of heavy boots. Reduce your pack weight instead and your feet will thank you.

I have worn the same model of hiking shoes (Merrell Moabs ) since 2006. But, I didn’t want to write an article entitled “The Single Best Hiking Shoe” (even though I think they may be). So принцип работы электронной сигареты с жидкостью I’ve included four other popular hiking shoes in this list to give you a few more options.

These shoes have been on the market for several years, receive consistently high ratings at online retailers 510 hikers like and and I see them a lot on the trails.

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I have жидкость для электронных сигарет мандарин worn Merrell Moab Ventilators on all of my hikes for the last seven years. These are one of the most popular shoes among long distance backpackers and thru-hikers. I highly recommend them.

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The Salomon XA PRO 3D is the shoe I see hikers wearing second most (behind the Merrell Moabs) out on жидкость для электронных сигарет maybo отзывы the trails. These shoes have been around for years and are an excellent choice for lightweight backpacking.

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New Balance shoes are a popular choice for ultralight backpackers and hikers on a 510 hikers budget. They are not as durable and long-lasting as the other shoes on this list, but жидкость для электронных сигарет табак какой they are lightweight, comfortable and inexpensive.

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KEEN shoes have a unique shape (similar to a Dutch Clog) which cradles your feet and provides good arch support. This brand is known for comfort and has a cult following among day and section hikers (but some long-distance backpackers vape shop в праге have reported durability issues).

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If you are looking for a shoe that is more like a boot, the Merrell Moab Mid GTX provides ankle support and a waterproof membrane while retaining 510 hikers the comfortable design and materials from the popular Moab Ventilator.

There are lots of other good hiking shoes, купить электронную сигарету в красноармейске but these are some of the most popular choices.

High quality socks and insoles are just as important for foot comfort as a good pair of lightweight hiking shoes. Here are some good options for hiking socks and insoles:

Have a question about lightweight hiking shoes or a recommendation купить нержавейку для электронных сигарет based on your own experiences? Please post your comments below…

Just wanted to mention Tread Labs. We make insoles that are great for long 510 hikers distance hikers. I am the guy that started Chaco Sandals and I wanted to create a product that would give the same addictive support as самые популярные электронные сигареты Chaco, but in a format that could be used in any shoe. We offer custom level support in a wide variety of sizes and arch heights so that anyone can get a perfect fit. Risk-free home trials guarantee satisfaction. For hikers who are looking for more support than Superfeet, Tread Labs is a great option. со скольки лет продают электронные сигареты Significantly less money than custom orthotics.
Available at or email me directly at

@Steve, As Erik said it isn’t a fad. I started 510 hikers using lightweight shoes about 25 years ago. In the last 10 I’ve moved to New Ballance but now prefer Keens. (Although I have to say, I have сколько нужно заряжать электронную сигарету been using NB this summer.) New Balance makes a wide shoe and that’s why I started with them.
But you must lower your pack weight. If you have a 40+ pound pack, then running shoes aren’t for you. Consider getting that pack weight down below 25. (I’m 50 years old, and my pack weighs, дрипка для ego ce4 this summer, 13 pounds before food and water.) I’ve never had a problem with running shoes here in the very rocky, Southern 510 hikers Sierra Nevada.

First I want to say this site is great! I will be ordering your maps. I have always worn hiking boots and now i am thinking of switching to trail shoes. Are they fishbone rda really that much better for hiking or is it just a fad?

@Steve: Unless you will be hiking off-trail on challenging unstable terrain, shoes are almost always better for (lightweight) backpacking – because they are more comfortable and do not abuse your feet as much as boots. Shoes allow your feet to breathe better, they are rda районы россии lighter and more flexible which means fewer hotspots and blisters. 510 hikers Lightweight footwear is not a fad. It is even catching on with bastions of boot wearers (such as hunters and the military.) I recently watched the movie American Sniper and noticed that, instead of combat boots, the main character (Navy Seal Chris Kyle) заказать мехмод симпл was wearing Merrell Moab Ventilators. which were apparently Chris Kyle’s real-life shoes that the actor wore to get into character.

What a great site. I have just gotten back into backpacking after 25 years out. So I’m old and love the idea of reducing my load. I’ve already gotten my basic gear down муравей мехмод under 20# 510 hikers (everything but food/water) and am loving it(. )and will continue to work to get that down further. Thanks for your help with this! I purchased a number of items a couple weeks ago based on your recs and went out last weekend.

I’m hiking with 30 year old Vasques and am going to upgrade boots. I eleaf ijust 2 отзывы like the idea of ankle support since I’m a bit out of shape and clumsy. REI has some boots called “Salewa ALP FLOW MID GORE-TEX® BOOTS” that are listed at 605grams (about 20 oz) per pair. This seems remarkably light. I have written the company to clarify if this 510 hikers is per shoe or per boot. I was электронная сигарета ijust 2 kit инструкция wondering if you or any of your readers have any experience with this company or specifically this boot? Thanks so much!

I tried the Salewa a few years ago when their promise was “blister free or money back” or something along those lines. Premise being their heel-lock design would keep one ijust 2 без никотина from blistering. Aside from running 1/2 size or so small and narrow in the toe box, I really liked them. Never had a blister (as advertised) but I don’t wear them any longer due to above issues. Been using The Moab’s since and like 510 hikers them a lot. Just picked up the mid cut (on accident, thought they were kangertech nano subox the low ones) for $65 at REI. Not a mid cut guy but these are just as nice as the regular Moab ventilators. Do yourself a favor and buy a set…

Really great info. I have to stick with New Balance shoes as they make shoes for wide and wider feet, like mine 4f. I favour the all terrain style starting back with the 800 joyetech evic vtc mini 60w starter kit series and held up well to my 185 lbs.
Love the information and appreciate the time spent in putting it all together.

Hi Erik and everyone. Does anyone have any 510 hikers experience with La Sportiva Ultra Raptor Trail Runners for 3 season baackpacking use? Or the La Sportiva Helios eleaf istick pico kit tc for the same purpose. Both got great reviews and the Helios specifically I just love the way they look honestly. I have Zamberlan boots now and like them but wanted to start hiking and backpacking this year with trail runners. Do these two shoes have enough support for hiking with under 30 lb loads in mainly the White страны где запрещен вейпинг Mountains, Maine, and the Adirondacks?

Thanks for your feedback

Socks and Insoles

Eric, how do you determine when a pair of hiking shoes is worn 510 hikers out?

@JimHill: It depends on the shoe. I have worn Merrel Moabs for many years and the only thing that wears out on them is the sole. After about 800 miles the lugs электронные сигареты Краснокаменск wear down so that the sole is slick and doesn’t provide traction on rocks and slippery surfaces anymore so that’s when I replace them. The body of the Merrells usually outlasts the soles. With other shoes, like trail runners, the body of the shoe will sometimes break down first, the Доктор бакирханов сарвар казимович mesh will come vape shop Кимовск apart, the sole will start to detach from the shoe, etc.

Hi Erik, I noticed that the regular moab ventilator is 1 510 hikers lb 14 Oz while the goretex version is 1 lb 8 Oz. Wouldn’t the lighter weight be better for you? If they are both Moabs why are they so different in weight? You would think the ventilator would vape shop Нижневартовск be lighter than the goretex but it is not? Strange…

@Theo: That is strange that they would be different weights. As far as I know the only difference between them is the Goretex liner. It could just be that whoever weighed them weighed two different sizes or something like that. Neither of them is the lightest jets электронные сигареты shoe out there (trail runners are lighter) but I still prefer 510 hikers them for overall comfort and durability. I like the Ventilators best because I would rather have cool feet when it’s warm vs. dry feet when it’s rainy.

Nice article and lots of good material here in the comments. I live in FL and smoketronic сигареты электронные haven’t done serious hiking since I was a scout

20 years ago. Now that my son is in Cub Scouts, my family is camping and hiking more. The hikes are mostly flat ground in North FL. I hike in running shoes because I haven’t invested in hiking shoes yet, which is why I’m here.

The скидки электронные сигареты biggest problem I have is that 510 hikers my socks get wet from hiking in wet grass. Wet grass is pretty much the case year round in FL early in the morning. It doesn’t take too far of a walk at all to get your socks wet.

It sounds like the Moabs will be a nice shoe for day hikes, but I’m worried the муравей нижний новгород электронные сигареты ventilators will let the water through as easily as my running shoes. On the other hand, the Goretex may get awful hot in the FL sun/heat. Any thoughts?

@Jeff: That is the conundrum with shoes. You can have waterproof or breathable, but usually not both. Wet socks can give you blisters (whether from форум горловка электронные сигареты 510 hikers perspiration trapped inside your shoe or water that leaks in from outside.)

I think what I would do in your case is pack several pairs of thin, lightweight, breathable socks (like Wrightsock Coolmesh ). Every couple of hours stop to air out of your feet and switch to a new pair of как выглядят электронные сигареты socks.

Hang the spare socks to dry on the outside of your pack with safety pins (if it is too humid for that, maybe try wrapping them up inside a pack towel or chamois or something that could suck the moisture out of them.)

The Wrightsocks are very thin and lightweight (only an ounce 510 hikers or two a pair) сартифицированные электронные сигареты so you could carry several pairs without too much extra weight, they are thin so they won’t absorb a ton of moisture like thicker socks would, and they have two layers (inner and outer) that slide against each other to help reduce friction on your foot.

Do you or your readers feel there is a need электронные сигареты ritchy за 3550 рублей for better, lock down ankle support in hiking shoes? Our research has told us that ankle sprains are the number one injury in hikers. If all else were equal, would you consider ankle support an important attribute? Our experience in other types of footwear has 510 hikers virtually eliminated ankle электронные сигареты больше и дольше дымит sprains. Would this be something that avid hikers would like?

@Barry: If you can provide additional ankle support without compromising other important aspects of a hiking shoe (light weight, breathability, durability, comfort, etc.) then I’m sure hikers would be interested.

The Moabs are the электронные сигареты в золотом вавилоне most comfortable things I’ve ever put on my feet.
Their one disadvantage, which they probably share with the other low ankle shoes, is that it seems impossible to keep out small rocks and gravel, particularly on downhills.

@Moutin 510 hikers Noir: You could try some gaiters for keeping электронные сигареты выиграли суд у fda out the rocks. I have found they make my feet too hot so I don’t use them, but a lot of hikers and trail runners like them.

I’ve experimented with UL hiking footwear. Big beef? They wear out way too fast. I’m back to wearing a three boot stable depending on conditions- Vasque электронные сигареты код окп Sundowners( 25 year old pair from Italy) for backpacking, Zamberlans for day hikes, and Marine Corps issued desert boots for hot weather. With the exception of the Zamberlans that I bought in close out (green leather-no GTX) I’ve 510 hikers owned and worn the boots for over two decades of hard use.

Take care of электронные сигареты купить ego c your feet even if it means a few more ounces.

@Rob: I haven’t really noticed the Moabs stretching out too much. Perhaps they do, but I haven’t noticed. I do find them to be very forgiving shoes though. They never feel tight or constricting. The inside of the shoe has a pillowy, comfortable lining электронные сигареты купить в алмате that fills up the volume of free space and cradles my foot, but does not abrade against them. And they are available in wide sizes, which is good to make extra room for foot-swelling on long 510 hikers hikes.

The only downside of these shoes, in my opinion, is the sole. I get about 800 miles of out of электронные сигареты купить в воронеже адреса a pair. At that time the shoe is still in immaculate condition, but the sole has worn down. If Merrell could put a more long-lasting sole on these shoes, who knows how long they could last. But, even with the current sole, they are still pretty long-lasting compared to other hiking shoes. The mid-sole электронные сигареты купить в минске без никотина is also very stiff, so upgrading your insoles is a good idea (like Montrails or Superfeet) to keep the bottom of your feet from getting sore.

Erik, any suggestions on shoes 510 hikers and insoles for flat feet? I’m constantly plagued with foot pain while on the trail, and since купить онлайн электронные сигареты I’m a photographer and often carry heavy gear loads, I’m concerned the lighter hiking shoes might not be tough enough.

@Joseph: I don’t know much about flat feet specifically. Maybe someone else who has experience with that can chime in. Some of the lighter weight running shoes (like the New электронные сигареты купить украина цена Balance) have a thinner, more flexible sole that may not provide enough shock absorption for carrying heavier loads. But the heavier-duty shoes (like the Merrel Moabs) 510 hikers have a pretty substantial Vibram sole, similar to a boot. Combined with the right type of orthotics for your flat feet, they might электронные сигареты марки wingle do the trick.

Indeed Inov-8′s are not the longest lived shoes. So far I’ve used Mudrocs, Terrocs, Trailrocs, Mudclaws, F lites, and another model I can’t recall. Usually I get 500-ish distance hiking miles and some non trail life as city chore shoes after that.

One time I had a электронные сигареты не тянутся pair blow out on the sole after 250 miles, a bit premature but I did not whine to the company as overall they have impressed me 510 hikers immensely.

Once I used the gossamer light racing version of the Mudroc and got an expected 200 miles, but those shoes were sublime to hike in. Usually I try to buy on электронные сигареты никотек ленинский проспект москва clearance last years model instead of paying full retail, and I keep many pairs in progressively larger sizes on hand before a sizable distance hike.

A distance hikers shoes are key and this is no place to take shortcuts. If you try a lighter shoe, you will be astounded at what a difference электронные сигареты петровско-разумовская it makes.

This company always had light shoes, but their latest shoes are super light, many at ) but I’m not sure which 510 hikers model they are touting or what kind of use they are subjecting it to…

Hi Erik, Great site. thanks for sharing so much great info. I’m on my 2nd электронные сигареты спирит soon to be 3rd pair of Moab Ventilators. love these shoes. Mostly just use them for day or short overnight BP trips. I scored a brand new pair by luck at a REI used gear sale in 09′ for $40 and have been hooked since. At that time I was getting ready to go to Nepal and I wasn’t really looking for a hiking электронные сигареты украина vog 901 trail type “shoe” but the shoe fit great and cost/value for those Vibram sole’s was too good to pass up 510 hikers on. Took them to Nepal (i did the Annapurna circuit) but ended up leaving the Moab’s in hotel storage and using my older broken in Merrell boots i knew wouldn’t be a problem especially since we were crossing a 17,800 ft pass which could have snow/ice. I’m a big guy and also have a couple of screws and & pins in one of my ankles so I’ve always chosen to wear hiking boots when i’m doing longer trips. However, I’ve seen the “Light” and would love to do the JMT or another longer trip in the Moabs. I might just have to trial and error by maybe trying the Mid-tops while 510 hikers I continue to work on getting my pack and some extra body weight down.

Hi Erik. Thanks for all the good info you supply. Unfortunately, none of the shoes listed come in women’s narrow. I have an extremely narrow heel and long foot.(My husband calls them ski’s, bless his little heart.) I end up having to wear the heavier boots. The best fitting ones, so far, are New Balance WW978GT. I sure wish these manufactures would start catering to narrow feet. If anyone out there knows of a lighter shoe/boot that would fit a narrow foot, it sure would be 510 hikers appreciated.

@Vicky: I feel your pain. I have the opposite problem (extra wide feet) and for most of my life it was impossible to find good shoes in wide widths. Luckily in the last several years shoe manufacturers have started to catch on and offer wide sizes. Hopefully they will start to do the same for narrow feet. New Balance is the best I know of when it comes to weird sizes. Have you tried the New Balance 968s. They look like they might be a bit lighter and more comfortable than your 978 boots (and they are available in Women’s 2A width.)

Erik, like yourself I have a extra 510 hikers wide foot and I cannot say enough good things about the Keen Targehee IIs. I use the mid and they are so comfortable. I have a hammertoe condition so need a lot of spread in the toebox and I have not found more comfortable than them. You really should try them out. They DO come in wide size and it is perfect for me. I actually use a pair of Injinji hiker toe socks to keep my toes separated even better.I tried the Merrel Ventilators but the toebox doesn’t work well. Too angled and too narrow still. These Keens were a Hail Mary for me and a definite touchdown and I’ve tried a lot of different boots.


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