Dna 200 box mod wismec

First before I start the review I have to say from the ordering process to the shipping ( South Florida ) to the follow up emails from this company all I Dna 200 box mod wismec can say is Bravo.

I ordered this device just before eco жидкость для электронных сигарет Christmas ( Dec 22nd ) and it arrived Dec 24th so Fast Shipping WOW.
Once I got it un-boxed loved the way it looks and its shape it fits perfect in my hand. I moved to the batteries that ( Were Included ) with this purchase and put them on my intelli charge for before they were fully charged.
In жидкость для электронной сигареты в гродно that time I watched part of a movie, had some lemonaid and started my build on a Velocity RDA that I purchased just for this mod. I did a twisted 28Aug Ni200 that tested .08 on my ohm reader. ( dual coil Dna 200 box mod wismec ).
Once that was finished I wicked it up and sat it on top of my new жидкость для электронных сигарет urban отзывы Wismec DNA 200 - Once the batteries fully charged I went to eScribe and made a few changes on the device to fire at 400F and set the wattage to 100.

First impressions were ( Amazing )
It's too soon to give a full review because I have only used it for a few hrs before I put it down for the vape shopping night.

All in all I am very very happy with this purchase and the fact that it was a present from my wife made it that much better.

Thank you VapeMW for carrying this awesome product. Dna 200 box mod wismec You have won a customer.

Amazing battery life and great customizable options. It really is a sweet mod. спираль испарителя электронной сигареты Would have liked SS temp control but I have little doubt it's coming soon (if not already there).
Battery life is unreal especially if you use escribe to tune them in perfectly.
Looks great and feels wonderful in either hand. All and all a fantastic mod.

Man you guys are awesome just где купить недорогие электронные сигареты received my DNA200 today on Christmas Eve I wasn't even expecting till after but damn you delivered, def will be ordering from you guys again, matter fact Dna 200 box mod wismec I'll prob place another order this weekend:D, anyway I got to go break this DNA in, Merry Christmas vapenw team

Bought this on клоны электронных сигарет купить their black Friday sale and I couldn't be happier. This price with the batteries can't be beat and they had it to me 3 days after I ordered it. Keep that level of service up and I will stick to buying from just Vapenw. Thank you again for everything.

You guys are SUPER fast with shipping. Ordered on Saturday купить электронную сигарету 150w afternoon and it was in my hand Monday afternoon! As far as the Mod, very nice high quality Mod. Ive had it for about a week now Dna 200 box mod wismec and thing really performs. The door gap doesn't bother me at all. It is very minimal to me and I am very happy with it. I have bought several devices from you как заправить электронную сигарету видео guys and spot on every time! Thanks

I'm super happy with my choice, I love the mod and the price was on point, I'm glad it came with 3 free batteries but I wish I would have paid to upgrade them as they don't last long, thankfully I have new imrens in it now and vaping happy!

This device is so набор для дрипок hot right now and found out about vapenw last week and got on this deal. NO ONE IN TOWN OR ONLINE TO MY Dna 200 box mod wismec KNOWLEDGE HAD A GREAT DEAL LIKE much love great device vaping on the vcmt from vaperzcloud

Got mine before the release of the RX200. Then I bought the RX200. They both work great. The DNA is theorem rda obviously better.

Legit Review by Peter

Works great. The best price. I know the locked/unlocked is a safety feature but it can get annoying at times. This is my first DNA 200 and might just be my last(nothing else currently competes with this in my opinion).

this is the Lamborghini of temp control mods and dna200 board sub zero мехмод купить set. can't get any better than this Dna 200 box mod wismec for now. And battery life with s is unbelievable.
vape nw has the lowest price with free s on the web, no one can't beat their price and service. thank you vapenw.

Is this the ultimate DNA 200 mod? So far, I'm going with yes. 3 x 18650 batteries will end мехмод tugboat kit v 2 5 обзор up being almost double the watt hours of the integrated LiPo pack style mods (HCigar VT200, Vaporshark DNA200, etc.). I feel like I got a Black Friday deal when I ordered this from VAPENW as it was a special deal and came with 3 x free batteries. Did they include some crappy, cheap batteries? Oh no, no sir. Dna 200 купить ijust 2 по низкой цене box mod wismec This is VAPENW we're talking about. The batteries were 3 x LG HE4's. Total watt-hours end up being 27Wh, versus the of the VT200 or the 10Wh of the VaporShark DNA200. That equates to a whole lot of vaping time. I expect I'll be refilling tanks a lot more often than I'll be recharging batteries. And did kangertech dropbox starter kit купить I mention this thing will charge via USB (albeit slowly)?

I have 10 other mods aside from this one, but I think the Reuleaux is my new favorite. I have the VT200 as well, and I still love it, but kinda prefer the weight and form factor of the Reuleaux (and battery Dna 200 box mod wismec life). I have 75w kangertech cupti tc 2 x Snow Wolf mods as well, and I really love the heft of them. They look and feel like elegant, expensive mods. The Reuleaux definitely feels like a well put-together mod. It's not as elegant as the Snow Wolf, but I would say it's a more precise design. Kinda like the Snow Wolf is a Ferrari and the Reuleaux a Veyron. Both как пользоваться вайпом kangertech fast, expensive, and beautiful. just the Ferrari is sexier. The Reuleaux is very well built, and has no button or battery door rattle.

My only personal (and tiny) con for this device is that the 510 sits too close to the front Dna 200 box mod wismec edge. A Subtank Plus (which is a larger tank, I know) аккумуляторы для модов электронных сигарет sits flush against the front edge. I would prefer the 510 a little further back (closer to top middle) as I would really like to run my Atlantis Mega on it. Oh well, everything but the Mega sits on it well and looks great, so not a big deal.

Overall, I would say this is the best mass-produced DNA 200 мод сша электронная сигарета model on the market. I'm sure there are some boutique small-scale DNA200 mods out there that might be better somehow, but the Reuleaux is a great mod.

Great mod. Got the LG HE4's with my order. Only downside Dna 200 box mod wismec is the ribbon cable could get pinched between the fire button. Ready fix eleaf istick 100w обзор though.

I mean; DNA 200 chipset, great build quality from Wismec, 3x battery capacity for long-lasting all-day battery life, and super fast shipping, and you have one transaction you won't regret (Cause we've all had regrets), HIGHLY RECOMMENDED vendor and mod! Checkout now!

This is my first mod with an Evolve board eleaf испаритель 1 1 ом in it and I don't really know what I was waiting for. While most of us don't need the customization options or the many many other things the EScribe software has, it Dna 200 box mod wismec really is impressive what you can do with it. Otherwise, the device is very simple to use and adjust. Aside from the DNA 200 chip, бак eleaf melo 3 mini Wismec really did produce a beautiful mod around it. It feels great in the hand, has nice clicky buttons, no rattle, a bright clean looking display, and an excellent magnetic battery door to cover the well designed sled for the 3 x 18650 batteries. There is plenty of battery life and going back to the chip, I am finding to be электронные сигареты Приморск extremely accurate and stable with Ni200 temp control so far. Unfortunately I have not been able to test Ti or SS yet. The Dna 200 box mod wismec only thumbs down I have is the 510. Don't get me wrong, theirs seems to work fine, but I just wish they would all use a nice flat brushed stainless steel platform around the электронные сигареты Нижний Тагил 510 that fits all attys flush up to at least 25mm so I don't feel like I am going to scratch up the finish on the device and not have to worry about making a good connection.

I couldn't pass up the great deal VapeNW had on this, and with this being my first order with them, their shipping and customer электронные сигареты Челябинск service appears be among the best I have experienced.

Got the black Friday deal at Dna 200 box mod wismec the price Vape NW sold it for with the included batteries and super fast shipping it's hard to find anything wrong with the mod, But for review sake the bad- it's a touch heavy(but fits well in the hand) vape shop Саров battery door doesn't exactly fit perfectly and is kinda hard to remove without fingernails and it MUST be configured with the Escribe software. The good-battery life! and the fact the batteries are replaceable, it's a dna 200 what more could you ever need.

This really could be the mod to end all mods

The unique design of vape shop Бавлы the device makes it fit in the hand Dna 200 box mod wismec very well. You DO need to attach it to a PC ad use the software from Evolv to get the most out of it, as there are battery setting that must be setup by the user.
Only 4 stars on quality because the ribbon cable from the DNA 200 screen is situated in a way that the janty электронные сигареты fire button comes in contact with it and can potentially cause screen issues if not corrected by the end user.
Love mine and using in steady rotation all day. Worth the money, if you want a device you can customize & make your own, the Reuleaux is the device for you.

(3) 18650's. Kick Dna 200 box mod рецепты жидкости для электронные сигареты wismec the lipos to the curb. Hand ergonomics. DNA 200. Rda's. Tanks. Tc. Pass through charging. Everything you want in one stylish little beast.

very very happy with everything. very fast shipping and best price in usa.

Best mod purchase to date. Totally satisfied with Wismec dna comfortable to купить 2 электронные сигареты в красноярске hold weight is not overwhelming from the design. Battery life to spare. Thank you VapeNW speeding shipping, products as described. Will be a return customer

Stellar Review by Mansavageb

Works like a dream. Three free batteries only makes it better. Ordered Dna 200 box mod wismec friday and как классифицируются электронные сигареты в украине received monday. A little heavy but that is to be expected with s in it. Well worth the money! Thanks vapenw.

The best temp control mod out there and vape nw gives the best value. The deal can't get any sweeter.

No complaints Review by Looking at You

Great price, great можно ли курить во время беременности электронные сигареты product, great service

I purchased this device Monday Thanksgiving week and received the day after. Vape NW top notch as usual. Build quality on this device is outstanding. battery life on this device surpassed my expectations. I used with the 3 batteries that came Dna 200 box mod wismec можно ли курить электронные сигареты если носить пластырь with this device the following day after an overnight charge, from Saturday all the way through the following Friday at approximately 3 to 4 hours of the day. (Vaping between 22w and 50w @.3ohm to ) I've owned the VTBox and the Hcigar DNA 200 and this one hands down is the much better DNA можно ли курить электронные сигареты за рулем 200 device from battery life to design to build quality IMHO.

The only Электронные сигареты dt купить днепропетровск con for some might be the weight, but for myself personally having a Snow Wolf 200 I'm used to the heft.

If you're thinking Iquit электронные сигареты отзывы покупателей about taking this device up as your first DNA 200 or second don't Dna 200 box mod электронные сигареты dt в донецке wismec hesitate you won't regret it coming from someone that's owned over a dozen mods this has to be my favorite.

Fantastic Review by Gryffandor

Very comfortable to hold although heavy. Superior quality.

This is the best dna 200 in the market raise 200w like a breze batery life very good i use электронные сигареты ego t 900 50 60w in moments but daily vaping at 25 35w the batery runs two days and i vape all program evolv design you can do anithing you want but whith this one you have the batery power to do ,i have all dna but this is good congratulations ,FAST shiping you are the best site Dna 200 box mod wismec to buy

This is электронные сигареты ego новосибирск a great mod. All around it is great but wayyyyy overpriced. I have the DNA200 friend got the RX200 we both fired our tanks and drippers. There is no difference in power that we could tell. The RX200 is easier to use. The DNA requires a lot of weird button presses. That's the last time I buy an expensive mod. I электронные сигареты ego-c upgrade отзывы врачей can't do titanium or stainless steel. His is ready to go out of the box. Escribe? Forget that. If I could I would return this and get both colors of the RX200 and still have money left over for batteries for the price of this one.

This Dna 200 box mod wismec is a really good deal 3 free электронные сигареты equal plus batteries and a dna 200 mod for less than 160 bucks cant beat that.

1st of all, VAPENW has hands down the best deal on Reuleaux! 0's and packed with plenty of power with the 3 batteries. Running a dripper all day at 80watts, I get atleast a full day's worth of safe regulated vaping. Just make sure you run the электронные сигареты revanche промо 650 escribe software when you get the device to specify the thermal casing values (wismec offers the profile under their website), and make sure the battery values are set to the batteries you're using. After that, just enjoy this Dna 200 box mod wismec hefty, compact, and powerful little DNA200.

I love электронные сигареты smokoff first mine, 200 watts of power with the dna 200 chip, looks beautiful & feels solid, if you are looking for one you can carry in your pocket all day though, this is not the device for you

Thinking of purchasing a DNA200? I recommend getting this baby as it features 3x 18650. Easily swappable when it comes to электронные сигареты в орле batteries over the Lipo pack versions of the DNA200. Price point for this DNA200 is pretty cheap compared to the others as well! Only con I can think of is that it's quite heavy.

By far the Best Dna 200 box mod wismec DNA200 device Design! And the Three 18650's give You the Longest Life I've seen since the электронные сигареты в пачке мальборо GodBox180. This thing is small Too, like a Stealth Vape that somehow still fits Perfectly in My big hands Lol! I got it with the 20% off coupon so the Price was rediculously Low and Free Batterys and Free shipping! (I GOT IT IN MY HAND 4 DAYS after I confirmed MY ORDER!) By Far the BEST Vaping Deal I've EVER Seen! I электронные сигареты ереван плаза almost bought Two Lol! I have Bought 7 Mods and 4 Sub Ohm Tanks from VapeNW and they Always take really Good care of Me with Fast Shipping! You Guys ARE THE Dna 200 box mod wismec BEST.

Battery life awesome with wattage to spare. So glad I went with this one. Thanks VapeNW. Speedy shipping and купить электронные сигареты пр ветеранов quality

Came with 3 samsung 25r batteries Thing lasts for 2 full days of all day vaping. Would buy again at full price.

I got this with black friday sale, they gave me samsung 25r greens with this mod as advertised. I have vaporshark dna200 and this thing is much better imo. Battery life for days. (for электронные сигареты м. пролетарская me one set lasts 10-12 hours of decent amount of vaping)
Vapenw. you guys never let me down. I ordered it on a weekday in the AM, it was Dna 200 box mod wismec shipped literally 1.5 hours later. Absolutely incredible. I highly recommend this product and this company.

Quality piece. very электронные сигареты микро happy

So let me start with this mod is BAD A$$. I mean right down to the computer programming. ( FYI not compatible with google chromebook) I did however have to use my fiances laptop not really a huge deal just figured that would have to be put in there. It does not take long to charge considering it takes three 18650 электронные сигареты опасность для окружающих batteries. I did get three with it for free but i chose to put my vtc 5 batts in and they seem to get the job done. Dna 200 box mod wismec It is easy to use and very easy to understand. I have built some pretty low ohms and it lights it up without a problem. the screen is flawless and very clear to read. электронные сигареты оптом ярославль Right now i am running a 24g dual parallel build in a fishbone rda. and it is just chucking the clouds and pulling in the flavor. If i lost this mod or if it broke i would not hesitate to buy another one. I wouldnt even go for the cheaper rx200 it would HAVE to be the dna 200 or i wouldn't even bother. It is купить электронные сигареты в первоуральске comfortable to hold and has a nice weight to it. Makes you feel like a boss i cant even use my mech Dna 200 box mod wismec mod anymore seems like its to girly to even hold lmao. I suggest you count your pennies and get one.

Previously had a snow wolf so not a huge change, however the triple 18650 batteries makes a world of a difference. Battery life for days, it hits much harder than any other mod I've tried, and fires up absolutely instantly. For anyone looking for the cream of the crop, this ones it. 10/10

Community Comments

This is a wonderful DNA 200 device. Battery last me 24 hours between charges. Comfy in the hand. Heavy but I like that.
I have no Con's for this device.

Love Dna 200 box mod wismec this box. Construction is solid my forearms are probably an inch bigger from using it. The chip and the software allow you to create the perfect vape. You need one of these. Kudos to VapeNW for their usual outstanding service and quality products

Better than any dna 200 ever made!

The wismec reuleaux is very good mod but is very expensive

VapeNW Contest Entry

By Kienan, on

Hey everybody! Kienan here. To enter the giveaway for the Reuleaux DNA . This is a quick contest so act fast! Good luck to all who participate and on behalf of Dna 200 box mod wismec all of us at VapeNW, Happy Thanksgiving! Kienan - VapeNW

By Shaun, on

Hope every one has a great thanksgiving. Thanks for the chance

By Ryan, on

Good stuff Vape NW!

By Joshua, on

I just made an order on Sunday and it was shipped on Monday. Delivered Wednesday. Great work by VapeNW and the USPS. Great sale by VapeNW. Thanks for that and the giveaway. This mod looks very impressive.

By Daniel, on

Thanks for the chance guys! Happy Thanksgiving to you all! NORTHWEST repping!

By charles, on

Nice Dna 200 box mod wismec device. Love to add this to my collection.

By Paul. on

Awesome giveaway thank you for the chance

By Scott, on

Love the look of the mod alway have great reviews and products

By Marcus, on

Love the giveaways! I super dig this mod!

By Joe, on

Safe travels to all during Thanksgiving Weekend. GO HAWKS.

By Dave, on

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for the opportunity for one of these sweet mods VapeNW!

By Jeffrey, on

Thanks for everything u guys do. U guys Dna 200 box mod wismec Rock!

By Samson, on

Just received my order from you guys (Made on Sunday) and props to the swift shipment. Thanks for the chance and have a great Thanksgiving!

By Jorge, on

Been dying to try a DNA 200 mod, thanks for the chance!

By John, on

This has been getting A LOT of great reviews. Probably the only DNA 200 device I would even bother getting.

By AMIT, on

Good luck to everyone & thank VapeNW for providing us with this opportunity

By Nicholas, on

Looks like an awesome device. I've had my eyes on it for a Dna 200 box mod wismec little while now.

Are these from batch/version 2?

By Robale, on

Are the Reuleaux DNA 200s in stock from the second batch that have the fix on the scree ribbon? Or are these version one, which are prone to having the screen fail over time, much like the VTbox, due to the screen ribbon being pinched by the fire button?

DNA200 Reuleaux is the bomb.

I upgraded from the RX200 Reuleaux to the DNA200 and the difference is night and day! I love the fact that you can save different settings on this mod. I quit smoking over 2 years ago, but this past July my mother fell and broke her right femur and so instead of picking up a pack of cigarettes, I decided to start clouding like my kids do. On 11/30/16 my world came crashing down on me when my mother passed away. My husband doesn't understand why I went back to vaping, but when you lose the person who you've talked to everyday at least 3 to 7 times a day for so many years, then you have to decided that you would rather allow yourself to pick back up vaping versus cigarettes, its the lesser of 2 evils. This mod is so much better than the RX and has a lot more power than the RX. I also use the TFV8 Cloud Beast with the T8 T10 Clapton coils. This is one of the best mods and RDA's I have ever had!


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